undvd now in portage

December 17th, 2007

I was pleasantly surprised today to discover that undvd has made its way into portage. :cool: It does now have three releases on sourceforge with packages for gentoo (ebuild), ubuntu and fedora. But I haven't made any requests for it to be included, so apparently the powers that be decided it's not completely useless. :party:

It's actually a bit of a dilemma what to do with these small projects. A big project just looks neglected without a website, complete documentation, packages for several distributions, up-to-date entries on various directory sites etc. I did the full scale follow-up with galleryforge, and that now speaks for itself, it presents itself as a proper project. But for one thing it was my first time hosting with one of these open source providers, so I wanted to explore the options quite deeply. And secondly, you don't really know what kind of a future a project will have when you're starting it, but galleryforge isn't used much, not even by me. So it was fine to do then, but it's some effort to put in for every small piece of code like this. (Not so much doing it then, but the burden of maintenance is the key issue.)

undvd is even smaller, and isn't expected to grow much (beyond feature complete by now). It started out as a blog entry and a link on my code page. Then I posted it on opendesktop, and it got seen by a handful of people who happened to be looking at the frontpage when it was added. There was also a regression bug posted there, which spurred me to start tracking it with git to avoid these things in the future. Then I decided I wanted to package it up, because that makes it organized and easy to use. But then I couldn't figure out how to write the url (in the ebuild) for the tarball hosted on opendesktop, because their file hosting is a little sucky. So I registered on sourceforge. The only thing I'm using there right now is the file release function. There's no website, and I don't really see the call for one. Meanwhile, I've been trying to maintain the user guide (which is shipped with the code) clear and up-to-date, to make that the one source of information. I think that's enough for now.

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