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cygwin essentials

July 21st, 2010

This isn't really appropriate for a blog entry, because it's bound to be updated over and over, but I need a place to keep these notes.

Essential packages (not including pre-selected):

  • xinit. Effectively what is called Cygwin/X. (Creates a new shortcut in the start menu called XWin Server that you probably should stick in your startup list.) With this you can run gvim, xterm etc.
  • binutils (if you want strings)
  • file
  • git, gitk
  • openssh
  • ping
  • python
  • rsync
  • vim, gvim
  • wget, curl
  • zip, unzip
  • make/patch

Decent terminals:

  • mintty
  • puttycyg (ie. putty modded to use locally) You have to get this one separately, but it has a nicer feel to it imo.

Rome on foot

July 8th, 2010

This summer I spent 4 days in Rome in June. As with vacations in general, I did quite a lot of walking. At times it seemed like more than just "a lot", so I traced my walking on a map so that I could figure out how much "a lot" really is. It turns out that you can cover pretty much all the sights in Rome on foot, they're not that far apart. A walk would take anything from 1.5h to 2.5h. It turns out I would cover up to about 13km in that time. In three and a half days (also took a half day trip to Ostia Antica) I did about 40km of walking.