Quote to live by...

"it's hard to have fun when nothing is hard"

C'est moi...
Who am I? A software engineer (that means geek) who thought it would be fun to move to another country in an effort to put off work for two more years :) I used to go to HiST, now I'm spending time at UU.

I was into the web a lot, involved in various projects, in particular starting Juventuz and running it for 5 years. I got a little sick of the web and decided it would be more fun to pursue coding.

I've been playing soccer for about 10 years, I also dabble in photography. Among other interests, comedy ranks very high, as does music (the listening part).

Now, if only I had a good punch line..

nom Martin Matusiak
aka iAlex ou numerodix
email numerodix[.]gmail.com
occupation unknown
residence Łódź, Oslo, Trondheim, Utrecht (2006 - )
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