guest blogger: Erik!!!

October 24th, 2004

Following closely in the splendid footsteps of the eminent Andre, I was nothing short of astounded when Erik announced he might like to guest blog over here. Well on the upside noone's gonna read it, all that effort wasted.. Oh well :D

We go back a long time, Martin and I, though we didn't actually really meet until last summer. We planned a holiday in Stockholm, Sweden and all I really remember of that first day was how uncomfortable I was and how Martin wasn't helpful at all because he kept bitching about my British accent.

He is a must-have friend if you're into Seinfeld though, I swear, the man is like a walking database or something. You go to the supermarket to buy milk; he gives you some expiration date bit. You go to the beach and, like always,
you stick your wallet in your shoe and he'll give you a ridiculing look, saying "What criminal mind could penetrate *that* fortress of security?"

Which I didn't get back then but who am I. That's actually the way he likes the situation most though; if you don't know Seinfeld you'll think it's actually his own sense of humour that supplies him with these jokes.

But whatever you do, don't let him guide you through the city. If he insists on keeping the map, steal it from him in his sleep. I had a solid marathon training that week and though it's good for my already impressive physique it's not exactly what I want to be doing during my holidays.

It would prove to be useful exercise though; you need to be in the best shape of your life if you're going to digest his cooking.

If you can manage to get him on your side, however, he's the best friend you can have. Anyone that doesn't mind getting on a boat with me rules, whatever your perspective is. Wouldn't trade him for the world, though he might disagree with that after this guest blog(!)


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6 Responses to "guest blogger: Erik!!!"

  1. River says:

    You put a guy you just met in charge of the map? Are you crazy? :D

    Also with more than one blogger how are we supposed to know who posted what? :D

  2. numerodix says:

    The italics I wrote, the regular font is Erik, I didn't think it would be that tricky. :P

    Btw Erik can't read a map to save his life so I was all he had. ;)

  3. River says:

    I mean like in other posts :rolleyes:

    The last post for example? Do I guess who posted it or what? :D

  4. River says:

    Also would it kill you to link directly to this site?

    Any idea how hard it is to get this link right? :D

  5. numerodix says:

    Given that he was the guest blogger, it logical to assume that I post all the other ones. ;) One would think. :P

    :dielaugh: bwahahahaha