blog upgrade

June 30th, 2004

Well I finally got around to upgrading the blog. Nucleus had been released in version 3.0 since last time, mine was 2.0. Then I discovered Blog:CMS which is a clone of some kind, decided to go for it as it has a bunch of neat plugins. :party: Well maybe not, I use very few of them and the one thing I have been looking for (song of the day) is not among them. :lazy:

I also found out there would be a lot of hacking involved, mainly css, as the default skins were not all that pleasant. :wallbang: So after two days the blog looks somewhat acceptable and I don't have it in me to do anymore.

EDIT: wohoo, got a "now playing" plugin installed and working :party:

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4 Responses to "blog upgrade"

  1. River says:

    Somethings up with the styles. The blog just appears standard now.

  2. numerodix says:

    Cry me a river :P

    Sorry but with a name like that you had it coming ;) Nah, it's just your cookies wanting that style. Once you kill them all will be good. But I fixed it so that you don't have to, just reload the page and voilá.. :party:

  3. River says:

    This has to be the most awesome thing ive ever seen. Its even got forum smilies and changable styles. :strong:

    How exactly would I kill cookies btw?:D

    Cry me a River just wont go away, it keeps coming back... :wth: ;)

  4. numerodix says:

    I know, it's the best ;):D Too bad there is no content :dielaugh:

    Btw if you want an account here I could hook you up, this thing supports multiple users :D