August 7th, 2004

iRobot I was fairly skeptical, I mean Men in Black and all I thought this was gonna be a forced sequel to that series. But it's not, in fact it's a decent movie. What surprised me the most was the story being interesting and it made pretty good sense, which is not something I can say for most movies seen these days. The idea of Sonny passing on the message is a good one. The world of robotics stands on its own to feet in this one, it actually makes me believe the story. What a refreshing change! Obviously, Will is still being Will :cool: but it's less about him this time and more playing towards the story.

The movie also has a few other strong points. First of all, those cars were very cool, taking Audi TT to the max, I like that idea. Then the motorcycle racing was done well, the sound effects, closeups, very enjoyable. Then there's the fight scenes, which I think were done very well. Violence towards robots, that's quite an ingenious concept, it's a victim less crime. ;)

But no review would be complete without pointing out some apparent flaw. Isn't it a little curious how easily they found out that VIKI was the mastermind behind the revolution? I mean the whole building was built around computers but isn't it a little suspect that there's just one computer controlling everything? Wouldn't it make more sense to have various systems doing specialized things? I mean the whole one system controls everything is such a predictable conspiracy concept. Or is that supposed to be the beauty of it?


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6 Responses to "iRobot"

  1. River says:

    I havent seen it yet. But theres a shower scene right? I read something quite interesting about that scene, hehe

  2. numerodix says:

    Actually there are two, both the male and the female stars are represented. :D Take your pick ;)

  3. River says:

    For your information, the interesting thing was that Will had some problems keeping something out of the shot. It was so big they had to strap it to his leg :mute:

    Oh you probably didnt need/want to know that.:D

  4. numerodix says:

    I don't think that was for *my* information, I think that was for someone else's information. :P

  5. kurvengeflüster says:

    I saw it and like it. The product placement by Audi is officious, but that's the way it is ...

  6. River says:

    I miss your updates.

    And you must be a happy guy because you dont even have a frown emoticon on here :D