the ultimate distro shootout

September 19th, 2007

If you've ever asked yourself which distro is right for me? then you might be interested in trying them all. :D

But I have some further suggestions:

  • {Free,Open,Net,PC-}BSD
  • Solaris, OpenSolaris, Nexenta
  • ReactOS
  • Plan9
  • Minix
  • SkyOS
  • GNU Hurd (heck why not :D )

I once tried quadruple booting Gentoo, WinXP, Solaris and OS X, but the latter two conflicted with each other, so I had to pick one of them at a time.

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1 Responses to "the ultimate distro shootout"

  1. Menelkir says:

    Try Windows Vista, the worst experience ever. Lol.

    I think Minix is a good choice, because theres a new 3.0 version out there.