Mozart's 40th

October 16th, 2003


Strauss - Serenade for wind instruments

Strauss - Obo concerto

Mozart - 40th symphony

Orchestra: Trondheim Philharmonic

Conductor: Eivind Aadland

Soloist: Albrecht Mayer

To be frank, Strauss was rather dull and disappointing. Herr Mayer followed up with an encore of a Bach piece from his latest album, which was a lot more appealing. The main problem is that the obo doesn't really make a mark on the music, it tags along with the orchestra but there's little accomplished, there are other far more successful pieces written for the obo. Then we arrive at the highlight of the evening, Mozart's 40th and one might say it was consistent with most of his other work. Thoroughly done, spectacular at times but there's a feel of workmanship to his music, which could easily be held against him had it not been for his brilliant ability to make it interesting.

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