Rob Dougan fuoriclasse

July 2nd, 2003

There is something so captivating about Rob Dougan's "Furious angels". The album is packed with quality tracks. I don't quite know how to account for the phenomenon, his vocals are questionable and if it wasn't for the magnifique tunes I wouldn't like it at all. But the clean, melodic tunes make it a big hit. I was first stunned by his blockbuster track from "Matrix reloaded", entitled "Chateau" and I still think it's his finest to date. But "Furious angels" carries more of the same, I see a strong influence of classical music (if I was more of a classical buff I would be able to recall the actual pieces) used to good effect. "Furious angels" - the title track carries that well known theme from "Matrix reloaded", coupled with Rob's vocals. It opens with a slow crescendo to include a slightly more spectacular vocal bit than Rob's own and finally builds up to disintegrate into a bunch of chaos.

"One and the same" opens quietly, and very pleasantly. Rob takes on a U2-like style as regards the vocals and I dare say his resemblance to Bono is noticeable.. Both a choir and an orchestra in the background fuels the track throughout.

Track list:

1. Prelude

2. Furious Angels

3. Will You Follow Me?

4. Left Me For Dead

5. I'm Not Driving Any More

6. Clubbed To Death

7. There's Only Me

8. Instrumental

9. Nothing At All

10. Born Yesterday

11. Speed Me Towards Death

12. Drinking Song

13. Pause

14. One And The Same (Coda)

15. Clubbed To Death 2

Fortunately, the entire album is available online for listening pleasure @


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