Taxi 3: no good from Luc Besson

July 16th, 2003

Unfortuantely, Luc Besson's third (and final?) installment of "Taxi" is a letdown for the fans of the first two pictures. The storyline starts off in a familiar manner, packed with action but soon enough the plot dies down to be dominated by imbescile dialog and a general lack of direction. The James Bond-like intro would have us believe "Taxi 3" is special, well it's not. Little can be done to cover for a very thin plot (somehow it seems the writer ran out of ideas after 30 minutes) and the general standard of actors is by no means impressive. In the forementioned earlier releases, the storyline would eradicate those unpleasant moments to some extent, but this time nothing can save the picture from falling into obscurity, by part thanks to its lousy cast.

Incidentally, one would think this release would be, as it has been no less than 3 years since the sequel hit the movies. A solid Samy Naceri works alone to keep up the tempo put the picture resembles a work in progress rather than a release. Shame, I think more people than just me looked forward to this one.


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