April 17th, 2004

Went to the Norwegian Hip Hop Awards last night.. frankly I didn't know what to expect, after all it's a Norwegian event. But it surpassed my worst expectations. First of all the music sucked. Apart from one group from South Africa all the groups were Norwegian, all of them rapping in their buttugly dialects. The noise was tremendous, I couldn't make up any of the words and it was just loud. The acoustics of course sucked so it was mostly a matter of noise, in whatever shape or form. It's funny how people go to concerts, not so much for the music as just for being there, as long as it's loud, no matter what the source of the noise actually is.

I'll gladly skip this bs next year.

2/10 for "Black noise", the rest was utter crap.

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  1. Erik says:

    Hehe, this should be in the comedy section.

    You know, you should really make some sort of guestbook for this site so I can haunt you here in a decent matter. I'd hate to derail this part of the site into the oblivion of off-topic but you're kind of leaving me no choice here ;)