Congrats to Euro champs!

July 4th, 2004

European Champions
Well there it is, Greece are the new European Champions! And it's all thanks to coach Otto Rehhagel. A better performance of the German style has not been seen in quite a well. Rock solid at the back as well as dangerous up front with the very few chances they afford themselves. It hasn't been the greatest tournament, seeing as how many of the favorites disappointed greatly but this team deserved to win, no question about it. I was quite annoyed at how the Czechs couldn't make it work in the semi final but the Greek team redeem itself in my eyes and proved tonight that they are in every sense worthy.

Rehhagel is a brilliant coach and adopting the defensive style has brought Greece right up to the top. As they say "offence wins games, defence wins championships". A sly combination of the two paradigms has seen King Otto accomplish what Hector Cuper has tried and failed so many times. He might as well retire now, because anything following this would be a step down for him.

Hail to the king!

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1 Responses to "Congrats to Euro champs!"

  1. nini says:

    You know what I find quite funny? Everybody seems to hail the new, modern, quicker, ultra offensive football, yet the defence once again won :D