He got game

July 5th, 2004

He Got GameFinally got around to watching the flick last night and I'm rather disappointed. Denzel was decent but Ray Allen wasn't very convincing, he should stick to basketball. The story wasn't all that interesting either, few strong points. It's basically about a total basketball fanatic who wants his son to be the player he could never be. So he pushes him very hard from a young age and the kid ends up hating his father. In a heated argument one night, the father pushes his wife out of the way, she hits her head on the sink and dies. So the father goes to jail for 15 years and leaves the boy with his sister without even a roof over their heads. But they make it and the kid goes on to become the #1 prospect in the country. At this point the father returns and wants to patch things up, ultimately so that the kid will sign for a college that is friendly to the mayor so that his sentence can be cut short.


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2 Responses to "He got game"

  1. nini says:

    Try #2 (your comment thingy doesn't work)

    Hmmm I haven't seen this movie, but I don't think I would like it anyway as it sounds tipically hollywoodish :wallbang: How about European movies? :) BTW, do you borrow videos or you catch the movies on TV or d/l or ...?

    P.S. Your track recommendation rules! :D

  2. numerodix says:

    Yeah, there's something wrong with the comment thing :mad:

    I don't think it *was' typically hollywoodish, maybe that's why I didn't like it so much. :D But I rarely see anything European for that matter, never even know about any movies.

    Ps. of course it does :D;)