The Last Samurai: the perfect blossom

January 30th, 2004

null It was not without a great deal of hesitation and prejudice I acknowledged that Tom Cruise would star in this picture. I didn't think he could handle it, I only remembered his performance from pictures with much noise and little substance. I'm happy to say that I stand corrected.

It was the moment I saw the trailer for "The Last Samurai", at a viewing of the "Matrix Revolutions" I believe, that I immediately recognized a desire to see this movie. I found Edward Zwick's direction to be excellent, especially the battle scenes. But it's the Japanese culture that has tremendous appeal and provides incredible inspiration. Above all else, I feel inspired by this picture. Am I to believe the portrayal in the picture, there is one virtue in anciet Japan that prevails above others: honor. It must require an immense inner discipline to live solely by the norms of society, to do what is expected of you and to lead an honorable life. Failure is unacceptable, because shame is the ultimate failure in life.


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  1. Mik says:

    Why don't you post this in the films you've seen recently thread on the forum? It's a great film alright.