May 26th, 2006

So they imploded a building in Rangoon, all bad guys got killed, no civilians. Perfect mission. :rolleyes: Then, tinman killed about a thousand people in Tadjikistan as a result of nuclear explosion (which was played down, no fancy mushroom cloud or anything), also thousands more casualties potentially in Pakistan. Then, tinman, the devil that he is, killed the black dude, hate crime. Then, they flew into Russia, got intercepted and instead of having some coffee and explaning the situation, they just engaged into combat and took down the fighters. For one thing, it might be interesting that two *stealth* planes couldn't resist radar. Secondly, does Russia only have two fighters? I'm sure that's not going to be any kind of diplomatic crisis. Anyway, then they land in Alaska and the pilot kills the doctor. Well it was sort of an accident, manslaughter. Then he goes mental and kills about 5 other people before he boards tinman (which being an AI plane always looked weird with that seat in the cockpit) and kills another 20-30 fleeing the base. Then, he calls his boss, everything cool, one last mission. By now tinman has no stealth (why?), so to stay under radar they fly into South Korea at 15, yes 15 feet height. South Korea is an *ally* but I guess we don't need their help, we can manage. Meanwhile in North Korea, Wade kills a bunch of soldiers with a machine gun round. Funny how as she's fleeing and limping, they are chasing her with dogs, she keeps gaining ground on them. Anyway, things looking pretty gloomy for her when hubby (prolly) comes in to rock and roll. First he blows the gate open (about 5 more people dead), then he sets a forest alight killing another 20 and some dogs. He lands (great idea) and finds her. Then he kills the sniper. Finally a chopper is bearing down on them and tinman wakes up to life. He's out of missiles, so machine gun will do. Finally, in the ultimate act of sacrifice, the machine instructed to do one thing only, survive, commits suicide.

And then the happy couple returns to base, mourns the dead black guy (as always) and lives happily everafter. And the thousands of dead people? What can I tell ya, wrong place at the wrong time, boy.

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