give us grapefruit juice

May 15th, 2006

In Norway, in the juice section of the supermarkets they use to sell these 1l cartons of grapefruit juice in a green container. That was good stuff. Then they switched the juice that was made from yellow grapefruits to the red grapefruit variety, and that was a really bad move. Juice from yellow grapefruits just tastes better, you can't just suddenly pretend otherwise. At least they could have introduced the red grapefruit juice alongside the existing one, but no, they just replaced it.

But here I am now and so far in the Netherlands I've yet to see yellow grapefruit juice. I bought a carton of red today and it's not bad, but I miss the yellow stuff.. :(

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1 Responses to "give us grapefruit juice"

  1. erik says:

    Red grapefruit stinks; I've been banning it