Mohamed El Baradei, the comedian

December 11th, 2005

As a token of the quality of Norwegian television, you may be watching the Nobel Peace Prize Concert right about now. I saw it last year cause they had Andrea Bocelli and on the whole it was a good showing, apart from an embrassing performance from Oprah Winfrey. Anyhow, on the way back from the kitchen I happened to pass the tv set on the way back to my room, when I caught one of Mohamed El Baradei (this year's Nobelist) co-workers overexcitedly remark that "he has a great sense of humor". Of all things monumentally irrelevant. I'm sorry but who the hell cares? In fact, I would like the presenter to introduce him that way. "Here is your prize and btw I've heard wonderful things about your sense of humor." "Yeah.. uhm... thanks. If you don't mind, I actually came here to talk about the regulation of nuclear weapons, you know stuff that affects mankind. If you'd let me turn the attention away from my sense of humor for a little bit, I'd like to schedule my standup act for the after party instead."

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2 Responses to "Mohamed El Baradei, the comedian"

  1. erik says:

    "So what's the deal with nuclear weapons?"

    Yeah that wouldn't work... I see what you mean

  2. numerodix says:

    :dielaugh: :D :star: