total waste of time

August 21st, 2005

Some days are like that, right? You set out to do a couple of things and by the end you haven't done anything. It starts off by saying I'm not gonna start doing that right away, I'll just do this for a while first. Then you end up doing this for way longer than you intended. And once you realize it, you're completely demoralized and don't feel like doing anything, in fact going back to bed sounds just about right.

Today is like that, I don't even remember what I planned to do today but it's been totally unproductive. What also messes is up is the weather, a sunny day and I got the rays from the sun right in my window, heating up the room and leaving a glare on the monitor. So I'm not comfortable and I'm too hot. Can't draw the curtains either cause I gotta keep the window open to air out the room (the window opens inwards, which is totally inconvenient cause I can't have it open and have the curtains drawn simultaneously).

Oh that's right, my bike is broke again, last week I was speeding and I hit a curb going quite fast. I tried to get on the pavement where the curb is really low but I didn't make it cause I was going too fast. So now I got a flat rear tyre, today is Sunday and yesterday I was fixing the computer and forgot to buy a new hose.

I just noticed this post perfectly matches the title.. :lazy:

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2 Responses to "total waste of time"

  1. Erik says:

    thank god you broke your bike and just your bike, you maniac :D

  2. Faisal says:

    Ok you can be useful and help me with something XT related, first I will send you a PM, clear your inbox before I do, cheers.