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looking ahead, not back

September 28th, 2005

Have you ever noticed that standing in line for a long time is a lot like going to school? Remember when you went to school as a kid, you saw all these people who were older than you, you never knew them, never spoke to them, but you knew who they were. Because the younger ones always look up to the older ones. You would see them on the bus or in the supermarket and you would know they went to your school. On the contrary, they didn't care about you. So you got a little older and suddenly you were the age they were back then. And you see all these younger kids around the school, but you never pay much attention to them, do you? When you were their age, you knew the older ones, but now you don't bother with the younger kids.

It's like that with standing in line for something. You notice the people in front of you (granted, not surprisingly, given that you are oriented toward them) and you wish you could be where they are. But you don't care to see the people behind you, do you? What the hell for?

ignorance is bliss

September 28th, 2005

Have you ever given thought to the premise that intelligent people who tell really bad, stupid, thoughtless jokes are a lot like talented athletes who waste their talent because they have a bad lifestyle or they get caught using doping or just have a terrible disciplinary record?

What a waste. So many bright people telling the dumbest jokes, it makes them look like morons but they don't know it. Ignorance is bliss eh.

Looking for a laugh? You found one:

forgive me if I'm not impressed

September 28th, 2005

So some kid they interviewed on the radio can read and count at 6 much better than his peers. Mozart wrote his first piano concerto at the age of 6. I don't think any other achievement is going to impress me knowing that.

Curb your enthusiasm: physically painful

September 26th, 2005

Is that the slot? No, it's the one below it. Just below physically painful, *almost* physically painful. That's watching "Curb your enthusiasm". What is it about this show that people actually find good? Is it Larry David? His observations are reminiscent of Seinfeld. You can clearly see that there is a strong similarity, but he's not funny. It's good they never put him on Seinfeld, cause he would ruin it. Larry David is not a funny person to watch, he doesn't tell jokes, he makes comments that are vaguely humorous but his persona is not funny.

Sadly, the only person who could be funny on this show is Larry. His wife, Cheryl Hines, whom is she supposed to be? All she does is agree to everything he says, never argue with him, never stand her ground, always just repeating what other people say. What is the point of that? Larry's buddy Jeff Garlin then. Again not funny. They exchange opinions but it never gets passionate, it never gets heated. And Jeff is never funny either. In fact, this whole show rides on Larry being the funny guy. And he's clearly not, so what is there to see?? It's a terribly bad copy of Seinfeld. Larry and Jeff, that's Jerry and George. But both Jerry and George are missing.

Total stinker.

you know the drill..

September 24th, 2005

Absolutely exhausted today, suspected it's yesterday's soccer practice that put a real dent in me but after coming out of the pool I can barely feel my legs. There's soccer again tomorrow, should I go?

2005 total: 7.1 km
since 2004: 27.6 km