tight budget

September 6th, 2005

This is actually an observation I had in Oslo two weeks ago, just slipped my mind at the time. Sorta like a file stuck in the cache, not flushed to disk. Anywho, here we go..

So I see these cops on bikes, in shorts and all, Pacific Blue. Two of them. They were accosting a drunk in the park, dude had lots more cans stashed away in a plastic bag, they were interviewing him. The following day I see two bike cops again. No wait, those are the same ones. 3 days in a row, in 3 different places. And that got me thinking, is the Oslo police on a tight budget and couldn't afford more than 2 officers for this roaming service? Is it a trial run? (Even then you would expect more than 2 people for a city of 500.000+ inhabitants, right?) In fact, I never found out. I even suspected it was just a married couple who dressed up in phony cop uniforms and pretended to be cops. Pacific Blue fans probably.

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  1. Erik says:


    We have lots of them but only because people kept escaping from the patrol cars on their bicycles. It's kind of a basic-necessity over here...