DHL, your report card is ready

September 14th, 2005

Closely related to the previous entry but this one deserves a thread of its own.

Merchandise: electronics, 2lbs.
Route: NY, USA -> Trondheim, Norway
Fee: $49
Courier: DHL Global Express

Notice the immodest fee, $49 for shipping, that's not peanuts. I get an email from DHL saying the package has been sent and I got an url for tracking. It gets into Oslo within 2 days, that's not bad.

But that's a Friday 7am, even though there's no shipping on Saturdays, nothing more gets done. By Tuesday it finally gets to Trondheim and they try to deliver while I'm not home. Gee, they do have my email address and they're supposed to send me delivery notification, so how about an email on Monday saying "expect delivery on Tuesday at __ o'clock". No, that would be too convenient. On Tuesday at 11am they come by, noone's answering the door so they leave a note saying they came by.

I come home, see the note, call them up. "Will you be home tomorrow between 10 and 4pm?" "Can't you tell me a more specific time?" "No, the delivery guy has lots of packages *blahblah* *some excuse*." So I stay home all day waiting, thinking it'll be 11am probably, as last time. The whole day goes by, no sign of him. I also gave them my phone number over the phone, they were supposed to call me. Meanwhile the online tracking page shows "delivery attempted" at 3.54pm, which is bs because noone came. No note today either.

I call them up again, the customer service guy doesn't understand how this happened. He says he has no choice but to reschedule for tomorrow. *sigh* I don't feel like sitting home another day for this. "How about I come by and pick it up." "That would probably be the easiest." Yeah for you guys. It takes me half an hour to find the place, out on the peer. I give him the tracking number, 20 minutes on I have my package.

So for $49 I have the privilige of driving to the terminal and getting the package myself, door to door delivery my ass. They never called or emailed about delivery, since I'm not a psychic I didn't know when to expect him the first time and after that he just didn't show up. Global delivery specialist..

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2 Responses to "DHL, your report card is ready"

  1. Erik says:

    LOL well you know about *my* track record with postal services so you're not alone in this shite.

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