August 22nd, 2005

I'm positively astounded by my own stupidity sometimes. Today I needed a couple of certified copies, so I head up to the book store where they do this. On the way, I make my way through five hundred thousand people. College just started this week, the place is literally packed, there's enough people to body surf. And I head to the book store at lunch, *the* most busy time of the day. Why I couldn't have gone right after they open or right before they close eludes me. Instead, I'm standing in line behind 12 people at the checkout counter to pay my 20 bucks for some copies. Surprisingly, the line was moving quickly (there was also a cute girl in the second line to stare at, in the Eva Mendez mould). To top it off, I almost lost my key card. When I took out my wallet, my key card got caught in the mix and fell on the floor. That is after I expressely reminded myself to make sure it doesn't fall out when I take out my wallet some 2 minutes earlier.

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2 Responses to "astounded"

  1. Erik says:

    lol what can I say

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