geek podcasts are lame

January 24th, 2007

So there are some podcasts that deal specifically in technology, and let's face it, linux, the computer geek's favorite topic. And well, they aren't very good. I'm not claiming I've listened to each and every one, but there is a common pattern to them. It's enthusiasts sounding very hyper about what they're talking about, but not in an especially cool or interesting way. It's more the kind of thing you would tune out after a while.

The reason is probably that they're trying to be something they're not. At the start of the show you're likely to have some ill conceived "cool" rock music that isn't very well chosen. Then you have the host, usually two of them, ranting about whatever is the latest fad. So they bring up a few topics and then immediately launch into the kind of monologue that you would have with your friend when talking about some cool new thing. And that doesn't make very interesting "radio". Because that's what it aims to be - radio. Only there isn't anyone responsible for the quality, and so whatever the host decides is done.

Now I may say that radio isn't really that interesting to begin with. Sure enough, these shows have more interesting content. But radio (and I mean the kind of nationwide radio that holds some standard, not random local radio) has a certain quality of form, you don't rant for 10 minutes non-stop on radio, you keep a certain pace, you pause etc. It's also about the host. A radio host is usually a person people like to listen to. A podcaster can be just anyone. Let's face it, not everyone is interesting to listen to, people are different after all.

These are shows I've listened to and they all fit the above description.

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3 Responses to "geek podcasts are lame"

  1. erik says:

    I like radio, it's a secret addiction of mine. I listen to live sports reports, even from sports I wouldn't watch on tv, because I like the way they discuss it as if it's the most important thing in the world. I like concerts, where you can hear the crowd and imagine what it's like and I love radio dramas but those aren't very frequent anymore.

    Nowadays the best part of radio is all the morning shows, Jensen used to have one too that I would listen to during my paper round. That one rocked :D

  2. ash says:

    The only podcast I listen to is the movie blog's, mostly because it's so funny and has managed to get me more interested and up to date with movies. It's strength is that it's just a group of friends talking as they would whether the mics were on or not, and it helps that they have a sense of humour too.
    That's why I didn't understand this sentence:
    "the kind of monologue that you would have with your friend when talking about some cool new thing"
    When I talk with my friends it definitely isn't a monologue of any sort!

  3. numerodix says:

    Right, but remember the last time you heard about some cool new gadget and you told your friend about it? Then it's a monologue pretty much, and that's how these podcasts are a lot of the time.