a temperature regulator appliance

January 2nd, 2007

As I'm sitting at my desk all day, reading tons of pages of software architecture theory, my concentration fluctuates. At times I'm totally focused, then it fades out and I have to snap out of it and re-read what I just read. My mind wanders sometimes, in the middle of a paragraph I start thinking about something completely different. But I've noticed that the room temperature has an effect on my ability to focus. It's a balance of opposites. Too cold and I'm cold. Too hot and my head grows tired rapidly. There isn't an ideal temperature. Ideally, I would maintain a different temperature in my head than in my feet.

But regulating the temperature in the room is a good measure. The temperature outside right now is about 3-(-2) degrees, day time-night time. When I open the window and I feel the cool air, I focus much better.

You could potentially create an appliance to regulate the temperature instead of opening/closing the window and fiddling with the dial on the heater. And there could be several ways to do this.

The you deserve to be beaten with a bag of oranges for contemplating this way

Setting the temperature to fluctuate within a given range, at set intervals. This is really stupid, because a constant, mechanical motion like this is almost certain not to be produce the desired effects.

The acceptable way

An acceptable way of doing this would be through statistical analysis of human behavior. Statics are boring, but they kick ass. If you analyzed how and when the temperature was changed by the user, you could model that behavior mechanically. This might depend on the temperature outside, it might depend on the time of the day, it might depend on my form that particular day and so on.

The perfect way

Keeping tabs on the body's functions and responding accordingly. This would address all concerns, because if you can determine the state of the body, then your rationale for response would be just as good as a human's.

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  1. erik says:


    BTW 3 degrees? Weather stations on the islands keep telling us it's 10 degrees...

  2. erik says:

    EDIT: never mind that last line, moment of mental absence. It's too warm in here :D