Matusiak in Serie A!!

January 30th, 2007
  • We're from the same city.
  • We're the same age (actually I'm 6 months older).
  • We have the same name.
  • We both love to score goals.

The difference?

  • He's a much better player than me. :D

That's right, and I'm thrilled to acknowledge Radosław Matusiak has just signed for US Palermo.


He's the latest up and coming young Polish player, making waves in the national team. We were never a nation to have a lot of stars. Żurawski was looking really hot, but he's stagnated. Boruc is another name, but well at the end of the day, it is Scotland, isn't it. Everyone remembers Dudek, from years ago rather than last week. And finally there's Kuszczak, who signed for Man U to sit on the bench. The biggest success is no doubt Smolarek, who unfortunately plays in Germany. In Serie A we only have Kosowski, who sits on the bench for Chievo.

But so far Matusiak is the only one to get a chance to play at the highest level. He scored an awesome goal to sink Serbia in the qualifiers and here's some more highlights for you. Well, that is assuming he will get a chance to play. At least he was signed on a full 3-year transfer.

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2 Responses to "Matusiak in Serie A!!"

  1. erik says:


    Oh and this:

    "but well at the end of the day, it is Scotland, isn’t it."


  2. Marc Klita says:

    "But well at the end of the day it is scotland,isn't it".

    Come on you said Zurawski was looking hot he barely got a game for celtic. The scottish league is not as bad as everyone thinks Celtic have made it to the last 16 of the champions league two years in a row alright they nosedived this year but we beat alot of good sides along the way including the eventual winners of the competition. We have the best deadball player in europe in Nakamura who scored in botth legs against Man u not to mention rangers getting to the uefa cup final last year and celtic did it aswell in 3003/04 and lost to the one and only messiah that is Jose Mourinho and a very dishonest Porto side Artur Boruc has not been at his best lately with a few pesonal probs to contend with but he is rated as one of the best 4 keepers in the world. So please show our league the respect i feel it deserves Most Brits look at italian football and think it boring for the simple reason there are not as many goals scored and they play a very defensive game but i believe it is one of the best leagues in the world and as for england it no different to scotland in that only a few teams will ever win that league Manu chelsea arsenal etc although there are a few really good sides down south at the mo Aston Villa spring to mind.