day two

May 31st, 2005

You won't believe this but throughout the day, no hickups of any kind with the projector. All speakers today brought their own laptops, (Windows, Mac, Linux) all of them worked seamlessly. :eek: :eek: :eek: No jaw dropping presentations today but the 3 lectures on grid computing in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe respectively were very interesting.

There was a poster session and it was way too long, 2.5 hours with lunch in the middle. Not exactly crowd control at my poster but I was just happy to be there. Of course I didn't win the prize either. :D But the conference committee was very eager to collect those feedback forms, so much so that they had a lottery with a bunch of prizes for those who did turn them in. I won a kewl IBM bag with a tux picture on it. A Swedish guy from KTH was one of several people who won a bunch of SGI cups but since he had traveled by air he wanted to dump them so I took one off his hands :)

Of course I brought my poster home and I'm gonna put it up in my house. :D

EDIT: a picture from the conference (atrocious quality).

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3 Responses to "day two"

  1. Erik says:

    You didn't win? Booo!!! I want my money back!! :D

  2. numerodix says:

    Yeah I know, it's all a scam. Out of 6 posters, mine was probably the weakest. But the one that actually was chosen was done by two girls (only two girls I saw throughout the conference mind you) which was all creative and crap, didn't look anything like a scientific poster. Totally primary school crap. And they picked that one to win :rolleyes: Not only that, they said it was so good that they upgraded the prize from 1000 bucks to 4000 :wallbang:

  3. Erik says:

    The power of boobs...