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May 29th, 2005

The previous entry taken into account, it is slightly astounding that I've been hired as an audio-visual assistent for the NOTUR 2005 grid computing conference in Trondheim Monday/Tuesday next week. What does a AV-assistent do, you ask? Basically I make sure people get to run their presentations, I'm responsible for the technical side of things. All the more puzzling, the person who recommended me for the job is my boss who spent an hour helping me get my presentation underway last week. :D

Last but not least, I decided to enter the poster competition (didn't even know it was a competition at first) for best student poster. So I spent the better part of my weekend working on my poster and I'm quite satisfied with the outcome (if you find spelling errors I'll flame you :devil: ). Here it is in png format and pdf format if you wanna check it out (it's huge btw, A0 dimensions).

Ps. Luca Dirisio kicks major butt!!! See my audioscrobbler profile to verify I'm hooked on that album at the moment.

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2 Responses to "more projectors"

  1. Erik says:

    Ta, finally I got you some music you actually like! :cool:

    Good poster, took me a while to download on the scruffy uni computers but it's N-I-C-E!

  2. numerodix says:

    I know!!!!! :D Really, I thought it would look much worse before I started but it came out really nice, I'm very proud of it. :strong: