why song in Norwegian doesn't work

May 10th, 2005

First things first. The Norwegian music industry has been incredibly lame for a very very long time. Only now is it starting to pick up. But there is a change happening when listening to the morning radio I hear a Norwegian song that I like just about every week. Hell, it used to be once in 2-3 years but now it's actually happening from time to time.

So right now I'm trying Ravi & Dj Løv - E-Ore. I have no clue what to make of that title btw. Anyhow, it just dawned on me why music in Norwegian doesn't work. Flat out, categorically rejected. Most Norwegian artists don't bother with that and go English, go mainstream. Some choose to "embrace their roots" or whatever shit excuse they have. :rolleyes: In any case, you can't sing in Norwegian, it doesn't fit. And I just realized why I will never like any song sung in Norwegian (or Polish for that matter). Because there's no way I can sing along with it. It sounds so corny. Music has to be something special, it's not just the same daily life stuff. English has been granted that status and is a legitimate language for song. But Norwegian lyrics don't sound good, they sound lame. And granted that this lyric by Ravi & Dj Løv is not particularly intellectual, it still applies widely. It has to be English or some language adequate for song.

All the same, there has come a shift, my eyes are now open to Norwegian music, who would have thought. :eek:

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  1. numerodix says:

    I'm excited to report that I cracked the code. E-Ore actually means e-ordet, the e-word, which no doubt translates to "elsker", so the English equivalent is "the l-word".

    (since you're dying to know, "++" is the incremental operator, I just gave myself one point for coming up with the above answer)

  2. Erik says:

    I don't really share your sentiments there... I tend to like music as long as I can understand the lyrics. I listen to music from every language I speak, including my native language Dutch.

  3. Erik says:

    Although I have to admit it took me a long time to get used to German and even today I only have one album in that language, but that's because they stink at making music (the non-vocal part) :D

  4. numerodix says:

    You are weird altogether with your focus on lyrics, I don't get that one bit. If music is a secondary consideration, why not just read books or poetry? :D Hell, the one thing that does make music special is the existence of _music_. ;)

    More decent Norwegian music I heard lately:

    Paperboys - Wiggle it (title is a bit suspect I know)
    Kurt Nilsen - Never easy (dude has a great voice, just never liked any of his songs in the past)

    Another one I like is Christian Walz - Wonderchild but he appears to be Swedish so hit and a miss. :D

  5. Erik says:

    Kurt Nilsen, isn't that the world idol? :dielaugh:

    And I like to think I'm a writer, hence I would prefer words over tunes, though not dismissing the latter completely. ;)

  6. numerodix says:

    He is yeah. I believe he's very big in the US among women 35-45 :D

    ok you win :D

  7. Torkel says:

    Man, E-ore is incredibly crap. If you want a killer Norwegian song you should check out Sissy Wish-"About a machine", it's fantastic. And Motorpsycho of course. ;)

  8. numerodix says:

    Motorpsycho is garbage. :P

    I'll give the other one the benefit of the doubt :D

    Btw what about Paperboys? I find them quite good.

  9. Torkel says:

    Yeah, they have several good songs. I like "One Day", "On The Low" and "Barcelona" especially. "Wiggle It" is pretty good aswell.

  10. LiL-Oh says:

    Singing in norwegian is easy! it's no big deal if you can Norweigian dough! :strong: I'm Norwegian and I don't care if you say it is difficult! NORGE RULER FOLKENS! OG TÆLL DEKK ENELSKE FOLKA!! DRIT OG DRA!

  11. linda from norway says:

    i love the way ravi writes his stuff.its the way i talk.
    i understand why people that doesnt understand norwegian ,think its crap.
    I dont listen too dutch,french+++ music,because i dont understand that either.But if you had the text in perhaps english,you would think something else :wallbang:

  12. Tony says:

    [11] where is a good placve to find the lyrics to E-ore? I have searched around but can't find any such thing.

    takk/thanks in advance =)

  13. gANGSTA says:

    :strong: :party: :party: :eek: :strong: :( :( :( :party: :party: :eek: :star: :cool: :confused: :confused:kom dere ut her fra NERDER