slam dunk

March 1st, 2006

I finally found a nice place to live and I'm moving there at the end of the month. It took a lot of effort and patience, I've been looking at apartments for 2 weeks and I've seen some really naaasty ones. But the main problem is finding something in a good location, most of what is advertised is on the brim of he "city" or outside of it. But today was my lucky day, I finally found something that doesn't suck. :party:

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4 Responses to "slam dunk"

  1. erik says:

    I remember in Italy after seeing all those crappy rooms; I finally found a place of which I immediately thought: "I think I could live here". That was just such a *huge* relief.

  2. Diana says:


    When I'll arrive in Germany, I won't have much of a choice, I just need to live in the room that the university will give me. Hopefully they will have mercy on me and give me a nice one :D

  3. numerodix says:

    Ouch... maybe you should reconsider going at all... :D

  4. Diana says:

    Not in a thousand years :D I will survive these four months :)