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March 1st, 2006

Sending post cards is normal practice, right? You're on vacation, you're thinking "I should send one to Bob, we got one from him when he went to Barcelona last year". You reciprocate. Or sometimes you want to emphasize the importance of a relationship and you send a card. Or you want to revive an old friendship. Either way the post card does the job just fine. But when you shop for post cards, do you think to yourself "I should get a different card for every person"? You do, don't you? But why? Why do we get 5 different cards to send to 5 different people? The cards are not for us, we bought them just so we can send them to people, so we might as well pick out the nicest one, get 5 prints of that one and send them out. What, do people get together and compare cards they got? "I can't believe Martin sent us both the same card!!" No, they don't do that, in fact they don't even know that they both got a card from you, because it rarely comes up in conversation. And even if it did, it's not a crime to send the same one, noone is going to reprimand you for it. And even if by some freak of nature that did happen, you could always say "I liked this one so much I sent it to both of you". See, there's just _no way_ you can get in trouble over this. So why bother shopping for 5 different cards? If you have two friends and one likes architecture, you can send him a picture of the cathedral, then you can send the other one, a soccer fan, a picture of the stadium. That makes sense. But if there's no circumstance like that, there's really no point in being selective, just pick one and duplicate. See, this has nothing to do with the people you send these cards to, this is all about you. Not wanting to go the easy way, putting in an effort, a pointless one at that. Why should one person get a nice card and another person get a mediocre one, just because you couldn't find two different ones that were both nice? I'm sure both would prefer getting the nice one.

So that's it for me, no more shopping for unique cards, from now on you're all getting the same one.

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2 Responses to "post cards"

  1. erik says:

    Boo, cheapskate :D

  2. Diana says:

    Wow, this post will prevent me for going crazy for post cards in Germany... Thanks :D