and what do you do?

March 8th, 2006

Choose the correct answer, you may select more than one:

  • it is incredibly difficult to find work in Utrecht,
  • very few people are employed permanently,
  • it is very common to have more than one job,
  • very few people live in Utrecht for a long time,
  • people are incredibly anxious to work,
  • available positions are never filled.

And here comes the answer in form of a question (just like on "Jeopardy").. how do you explain that there are so many job agencies in this town? In a five block radius, I've seen about 15 of them, on one street alone they are literally door-to-door, out of 10-12 stores 7 are job agencies. I've never seen that many places anywhere, all of Holland must be coming here for jobs. When I go past one of those, sometimes I get curious and start looking at the ads (because they always have them in the windows), trying to find jobs that I could do. It's much of the same everywhere; sales person (hell no), secretary, project manager (well if you count college projects :D), various HR-related jobs. I've seen a couple that are more rare; tech support (at the cost of losing my mind, I could do that), network engineer (finally one that's more me, I don't have the experience, but I could prolly pick it up quickly). Anyway, if you're looking for a job, I know where to start..

Ps. the answer to our implicit question, "where did you steal the title from this time?", is - the stationary store guy who ordered the Rollermack 1000 for Mr. Pitt.

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2 Responses to "and what do you do?"

  1. Diana says:

    Well, now you say, here in my neighborhood I have counted THREE job agencies in ONE street! And I am not even mentioning the other job agencies at the center. And this for a little tiny town as Capelle... :confused:

  2. ash says:

    Maybe the job agencies are trying to provide more jobs artificially, by opening and staffing yet more job agencies. Which means that someday soon, the job agency bubble will burst, and there's going to be a lot of vacant shop fronts in Holland.