who needs paracetamol?

January 4th, 2007

I take paracetamol about once a month, maybe less often, for headaches. I get headaches more often than that, but I try to do without drugs, cause I'm afraid of depending on them.

A few weeks ago my supply ran out, so I was in Kruidvat for some other goods and I thought I would restock. To my surprise, they have a whole shelf just for paracetamol. They have them in different mixtures (low concentration for kids etc) and quantities. I finally found "the regular one" and I noticed it was a pack of a hundred. Yes, ONE-HUNDRED. Who needs this much paracetamol? It would last me a lifetime. Or if I do take one per month, over 8 years. I'm not sure you're supposed to store drugs for that long.

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1 Responses to "who needs paracetamol?"

  1. ash says:

    Yeah, well there are people who generally rely on pain killers a lot more than you (and often for what amounts to not very much). I'm like you though, I prefer not taking pain killers because "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Actually that's bollocks. But I don't want to become a whiny hyperchondriac.