oh the humanity

September 5th, 2006

I moved to Utrecht in January this year. At the time it was cold, I was wearing a thick Norwegian made winter coat (so you could survive in Antarctica with that basically). After a few weeks, the coat was definitely too much, so I bought a thin jacket. Even so, I was surprised at how I was sweating basically everyday. Almost everytime I left the house and wanted to take care of business (at my pace), I was sweating. I know I'm in bad shape, but is it this bad? Well, I got used to it.

But now that I got in less than three days ago, I am definitely feeling the difference. The humidity here is ridiculous. People are wearing pants and sweaters, whereas I'm in shorts and a t-shirt and I'm still sweating when I'm out there. There is no way I would come home sweaty after some quick business in town in Trondheim when it's 16 degrees out, this is not normal.

Relative humidity for September 5, 2006:

  • CNN weather
    • Utrecht 95%, Trondheim 79%
  • BBC weather
    • Utrecht/De Bilt 75%, Trondheim 89%
  • kweather desktop applet (source unknown)
    • Utrecht/Soesterberg 93.8%, Trondheim 76.8%
  • goutrecht.nl
    • Utrecht 73%
  • weather.com
    • Utrecht 94%, Trondheim 82%

So trying to find out from established sources fails spectacularly. All I know is, the humidity here is way too high. So I either have to move very slowly or I have to prepare to sweat. :lazy:

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3 Responses to "oh the humanity"

  1. erik says:

    Move slow, I do

  2. ash says:

    Be glad that it's warm. Here it's just wet. Not humid. Wet.

  3. Erwin (Kluivert from XT) says:

    You're starting to sound Dutch ;) We always complain about the weather :p