law and order

April 25th, 2006

Swiss German Dutch?? efficiency. That's what I encountered today at the Geemente (dunno how to translate this, 'kommune' for Scandinavians) when I went to report a change of address (yes, very promptly as you noticed, I actually moved to this house 25 days ago). Apparently, you are supposed to do this so the city can keep track of where you are. I walk into the building, up to the reception desk, the guy immediately tells me "end of the hall, up the stairs". I enter a big room with a looong desk and numbers at every place, like a bank basically. Lots of people seated and waiting so I'm thinking "well, this may take a while". But then I go up the stairs and there's just noone waiting there. I take a number and I get served immediately. I have to show my passport, my rental agreement, sign on a piece of paper, whole thing took 2 minutes. Amazing.

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1 Responses to "law and order"

  1. erik says:

    Hmm that takes significantly longer in The Hague... :D