summer is upon us

April 24th, 2006

I was duped today, imagine with so much heat experience a person can still make a mistake like that. It looked like a normal day, people are walking around in pants and sweaters, but it's 16°C today and it's going to stay like this all week. I didn't realize I was sweating until I stepped into a bookstore where the concentration of people was about 1/m2. You see, a new academic period is starting today and so *everyone* is out to get books right now. I knew this would happen, so I meant to be there at 9am, but it figures it was already 10 by the time I gained any kind of consciousness, and so I showed up right when everyone else did. It's not that it's hot outside, it's quite pleasant really, but in the buildings it's no good. Apparently they don't believe in ventilation or cooling here. I had to get 2 books and return one to the library, all of which of course happens in 3 different buildings. I also found out today the university is going to be a construction site until October this year :wallbang:, so getting from building to building will remain non-trivial. On the way home, I hear the faint noise of a fire truck and I'm thinking "there's no way Phil Collins put that in his song", so I take out one earphone and take a glance behind me. There is a fire truck advancing, it passes me and then... turns into my street. I pick up the pace on my bike (hell, you never know, right?) and I'm relieved to discover that it didn't park outside my house, it's gone. Once I got home, I started off with a summer classic: the cold shower. Oh you don't need shock treatment, just turn the dial little by little and it will feel perfectly comfortable. Then I see an ambulance racing through my street. It must be heat shock.

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1 Responses to "summer is upon us"

  1. erik says:

    I'm wearing sweaters too...

    You're gonna love August :D