discretion is the guiding principle

February 24th, 2006

For a nation that prides itself in (I'm going to use this generalization a few more times so deal with it) openness and tolerance, the Dutch sure don't flaunt their life styles. For some reason (usually it's boredom) I've kept count of how many gay and lesbian couples I've seen since I arrived. Being the determined journalist that I'm not, I didn't actually stalk [or interview] anyone to find out whether they really are gay, but if hand holding in public is an acceptable approximation, may that be the qualifier this data is based on. The head count so far is 1 gay (male) couple, 6 lesbian (female) couples. I haven't kept track of how many straight couples I've seen, nevertheless the number of gay (unisex) couples appears to be quite low. So for anyone out there really nervous about coming to Holland because on every street people are "being gay" and doing drugs (I could do a similar work up on that issue), let me reassure you right now. Instead, what will get your blood boiling is putting up with all kinds of rules and regulations these friendly people impose on themselves (and on you).

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4 Responses to "discretion is the guiding principle"

  1. erik says:

    People suck; we need the rules :D

  2. numerodix says:

    Like traffic lights for bicycles? you wouldn't be surprised to hear that I ignore them..

  3. erik says:

    I said 'people' suck. What makes you think you qualify ;)

  4. Diana says:

    lol about this post :dielaugh: