water: heating prohibited

March 28th, 2007

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§ 34-A/7. No comfort station in the Kingdom may have hot water available.

What you see is a verbatim extract from the Constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. And this is a very instructive example of what happens when code goes unmaintained. Someone wrote this in a draft, meant to change it later, forgot, and it was left as is.

The result is that there is absolutely no hot water in any restroom anywhere. You spent 15 minutes on your bike in the wind and want to defrost your hands? Tough luck. You had a little bike emergency and had to get your hands dirty? Good luck washing off the gunk with cold water.

No matter where you are, no matter what time of year it is, if you want hot water you have to bring it yourself.

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1 Responses to "water: heating prohibited"

  1. erik says:

    Absolutely true.