how you ended up on this blog

March 12th, 2007

In the absence of the concentration to finish a decent blog idea, I was browsing the stats of the site and that's always a bit surprising. For instance, when looking at how people found the site through a search engine..

eva mendes 537
fast cars 29
fast and furious 14
eva mendez 9

It's a bit strange that so many looking for Eva Mendes landed here, considering the name has only been mentioned twice, both times in passing. One would think this blog is pretty irrelevant to Eva Mendes, also considering both occurences (to which this will be a third :P ) are from 2005, so not exactly recent. Me thinks there's some sucky search engine out there that keeps sending hopefuls here, only to let them down. What's weird is that this search term has ranked as most popular on this site for months now. It's a shame my stats only go back a year, so I can't see what you were searching for before I ever mentioned Eva Mendes.

Other more relevant search terms were tell me something about your ielts (which I actually blogged about), kruidvat paracetamol (which seems terribly concrete), unethical funds (trying to get rich or doing research for a school paper?), cm97 stadium capacity (someone knowing exactly what they want), i love oslo (yeah, me too), cyclist smoothie (you found it), and utrecht red light district location map -amsterdam (I know where it is, perhaps I should have a suggestion box for people looking for stuff in the area).

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3 Responses to "how you ended up on this blog"

  1. erik says:

    hehehe the smoothie :D

  2. Graham says:

    Haha, you didn't make the 'i' into a link.

  3. John Healy says:

    Mmmmm... Eva Mendes.