allies until God do us part

March 7th, 2007

I found an amusing website today:

You probably have an idea of what's happening in God Bless America (thank you for that superb pun, the Guardian). Christian radicalism is going strong, everything in Washington is done in the name of God and as an extension of Him. In a country founded (among other things) on religious freedom, atheists are downright persecuted. The recent election notwithstanding, Bush is still in office and certain groups have begun a countdown to 2008, which should be well into the Iran war (have you noticed how everyone is taking that as a foregone conclusion?).

Anyway, as one of the few backers of GBA's legendary "alliance", we sent troops to Iraq. A move out of pure self interest (as all political decisions always are), in order to improve the economy, elicit GBA investment in Poland and build a tighter trade relationship. However, it's not just on the foreign arena that we've aligned ourselves, we also have our share of religious nuts, most infamously in the presidential palace (which hasn't exactly done much for our public image in the civilized world), offering statements on "family values", and in support of homophobia and xenophobia. As such, this website, entitled "We're ashamed", is an expression of protest against the political leadership, in a similar countdown to 2010.

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4 Responses to "allies until God do us part"

  1. erik says:

    Countdown to 2010 :D

    And you should always specify which nation you're referring to when using "we", I'm always confused. :undecide:

  2. John Healy says:

    I was confused by that too! :D

  3. numerodix says:

    Your observation is correct. The term "we" is polymorphic, that is it has a different meaning depending on the context. Polymorphism being one of the fundamental concepts of object oriented programming, dunno if John has been exposed to that.

    Now, erik has no excuse because you keep bringing up Polish politics to me. :P

    As for John, I quote "investment in Poland". Badabing :cap:

    Besides, don't you people remember the infamous "you forgot Poland"? :redface:

  4. John Healy says:

    "As for John, I quote “investment in Poland”. Badabing "

    Sure, but not until two lines after you say we. :P

    "don’t you people remember the infamous “you forgot Poland”?"
    Nope. :D