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March 21st, 2007

Everyone wants to think that they have a sophisticated taste in music, right? Including me. :P In one of many pointless internet surveys/rankings that don't mean anything at all, you can now check "how mainstream" your taste is. ;) And, of course, everyone is trying to be "not mainstream", right? :P

You need a last.fm profile for this. last.fm records music you listen to and sends the artist/track names to a website that has all kinds of statistics about your music taste. So this website takes your 30 most favorite artists and scores them based on how many other last.fm user listen to those. Finally you get a score in terms of a number, and so far I'm beating everyone at this. :D :P

Rock 'n Roll! You are 5.72 % mainstream!

How to cheat: Rename your favorite songs to "Artist1 - Song1" through "Artist30 - Song30", play them for a while, then check your score. Better yet, change those names to something like "Qz6SioAp91Z - T1zIqmL09r" for a better shot at the title.

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2 Responses to "rank your sophistication"

  1. [...] I scored  46.42 % mainstream, which is ok. Although I know a guy who has a score of 5.72 %. [...]

  2. erik says:

    Still 10.05 % :(