staying hooked in with bash

March 5th, 2007

The fun thing about having multiple nationalities or relations to several countries is that you can switch from one to the other at will. Of course, the country you live in is right there for you, but sometimes it feels like you're missing a certain culture, a certain way of talking, of being, of thinking.

And when that happens, you can hook right into it, it's right there for you. Read the papers, read some blogs, watch a movie, talk to some people, whatever. But in a sense, nothing quite captures what people are like better than what they do when they're just being themselves and not trying to express themselves in a special way.

And that place is bash. Bash is a collection of irc quotes, and while some of the content may be staged, what is truly funny about it is how true to life it is. It really reflects how people think, what kind of reactions and reflexes they have. Coming back to my lead-in, today I discovered a Polish bash. The quotes aren't as funny and I think there's probably a lot less of them, but all the same it really tells you a lot about the culture and way of being.

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