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February 14th, 2006

A tag, how exciting *mixed feelings after a long day*. Anywho, this one's for Ash.

Four jobs that I've had

  1. Paper boy. Not so much delivering papers as it was selling them. On Sundays. Mornings. Ah, fun. It was the first job I ever had, I got sucked into it through my classmates, cause a lot of people did that back then. So they recruited us to sell Dagbladet, I think we got about 20% of the price of the paper to ourselves, that was 2kr on 10kr. I sold about 30 of them every Sunday, in the same neighborhood, to the same people. I heard others sold in the 60s-70s. I've never pursued a salesman job after that. Did that for about 6 months, including one winter. That was fun, walking in 40cm of snow.
  2. Painting the daylight lab at the university. Got that one through *cough* contacts. So basically there was this room that was all white, they wanted it black. I bought the paint, got a ladder, got to work on it. Took me quite a while to cover the walls and ceiling (obviously I dripped lots of paint on the floor though I wasn't supposed to). I believe it took a full weekend and then some.
  3. Scanning photos & making web pages. Summer job this one, lasted me about 2 weeks I think. Got to work on scanning pictures mostly, that was an incredibly bore (well duh), but I did have some relaxed days in my office doing that, no pressure on efficiency.
  4. My only "real" job to date. Just left that one a few weeks ago, I worked for the High Performance Computing group at the university. Real jobs are no fun to talk about.

Four movies I could watch have seen over and over
No matter what the movie, I get sick of it.

  1. Bad Boys - looooooved the movie score
  2. Ocean's Eleven
  3. Independence Day - it was cool at the time
  4. Con Air

Four places that I have lived

  1. Łódź
  2. Mysen
  3. Oslo
  4. Trondheim

In that order.
Four TV shows that I watch
Well I don't actually watch anything that's on tv these days. But here's some picks for ya.

  1. Seinfeld (number one needless to say)
  2. Scrubs
  3. Frasier
  4. First Wave - an old classic

Four places I've vacationed

  1. Paris
  2. Amsterdam
  3. London
  4. Barce Valencia

Four of my favourite dishes

  1. Fruit salad
  2. my spaghetti torinese is famous in a few obscure places
  3. Coffee flavor ice cream
  4. I'm out

Four sites I visit daily:

  4. - not religious about it though

Four places I would rather be [than a computer lab]:

  1. Netherlands Antilles - looks like a really cool place
  2. Coffee Heaven
  3. at home
  4. on a soccer pitch
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9 Responses to "ash got it"

  1. erik says:

    Coffee heaven :D

  2. numerodix says:

    One day I'll take you and we'll worship together :D

  3. ash says:

    The first time I pass on a tag and no-one is happy! :confused:
    Btw, what is Because when I put in the address I just get taken to Or is that where it's supposed to take me? In which case I'm doubly confused you have a Feedburner feed?

  4. Diana says:

    "my spaghetti torinese is famous in a few obscure places" :D Wondering how that tastes :dielaugh:

  5. numerodix says:

    [3] Erm, no that's incorrect. What I meant was the slashdot rss feed on my google home page. Just make that then.

    [4] Ask Erik, I made it for him once, only with some bogus ingredients cause I couldn't find the real stuff. :D

  6. erik says:

    That was spaghetti? I thought it was a Norwegian thing...

  7. Diana says:

    [5] [6] Well, now I'm really getting curious about this recipe of yours? What are the ingredients? :party:

  8. numerodix says:

    * spaghetti/pasta
    * carrots
    * onions
    * canned tomatoes
    * this:

    season with paprika and whatever

  9. Chxta says: