Happy Easter, everyone!

April 4th, 2007

"Okay, now don't forget today at 5pm is the deadline for the last lab exercise, Friday I want your reports, Tuesday at 5pm is the deadline for your submissisons for the Big Assignment (and no later because I have to run them all on my laptop) and then I want to see you back here on Wednesday."

Gah :D

That's Easter in Holland for you. Good Friday and Easter Monday off.

Back in Norway Wednesday was the last official day, people would exchange "Happy Easter" greetings. I would normally take those few days off for a 10-day break, the Saturday before Palm Sunday to Easter Monday. It's a nice time to get away, in 2003 I spent it in Rome, in 2004 I did in Spain.

This year I'll spend it working on the Big Assignment. Adding to this week which has been all about the lab exercise, starting last Friday morning and all through the weekend. :/

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2 Responses to "Happy Easter, everyone!"

  1. erik says:

    We should cancel those ridiculous religious holidays altogether. Everything is closed on Easter Monday, it's like we're back in the Dark Ages. Morons.

    They should leave the holiday schedule to me, I'd make it rock.

  2. numerodix says:

    I know you would :D

    Erik's calendar: [take time off if you need it]