moviestar worship

April 24th, 2007

Ever wanted to be a moviestar? Ok, you'll love this then. You are the star. For this blog entry anyway. You are the star, everyone wants to see you. You live in a mansion in Santa Monica (or wherever you wanna live, up to you). You go to New York for a weekend of shopping. The minute you show your face on the street, people are all over you. They want your autograph, they want to take your picture, they want to be around you, they want to be seen with you. You can't beat them off. You would, but you have an image to keep up, you have to be nice. You go to Paris and people come out to the airport to see you. They follow you around town, you actually need people around you to put some bodies between you and the fans. That's how much they love you. You're the one they want. Everywhere you go the photographers are all over you, they're dying for those pictures. Pictures you won't see, cause you don't buy those magazines, only fans do.

Do you ever think any of this is a bit.... strange? Of course you do, these people are possessed. Some of them really are nutters, but most are just very, very enthusiastic. About you. And they've never even been in a room with you, never even talked to you.

Indeed, this has come suddenly. Three years ago you were a struggling actor playing in second rate commercials, plays no one ever saw and jumped on every audition you could get. You came to Hollywood to be a star, to play in movies, to be on magazine covers. Yeah, you and thousands like you. You would walk down the street and no one would pay you any attention. People wouldn't look twice at you, you were a regular guy, what's there to see?

Then you finally caught a break. You got that audition for a proper movie and through a stroke of luck and divine intervention, you got the part, the main role. It wasn't a big movie, but it was an actual movie, and that's how you got noticed. You got a couple of similar parts until someone thought you'd be great in this year's blockbuster. That's right, big budget, expensive special effects, a corny Hollywood storyline, the whole nine yards. Up to now people would sometimes stare at you in the supermarket, thinking they may have seen you somewhere before. But now, with the movie coming out, they hooked you up. They set you up with a stylist, new clothes, new hair. To promote the movie you have to give interviews, you have to go on talkshows, you have to go to social events, you need to be seen. And you got a nice boost in your finances, didn't you.

So now you're the star. And everyone wants a piece of you. Well, maybe you look a little better, stylists exist for a reason. But on the whole you haven't changed much. You look about the same, you talk the same, you still believe in the same things, you're the same. And people are crazy about *you*. That's funny. A couple of years ago those same people would never notice you. And now their world revolves around you.

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1 Responses to "moviestar worship"

  1. erik says:

    The scarier part is that people who are the centre of attention tend to change. They are controlled by the masses that way, aren't they?

    I'm okay with being a nobody :D