Da Vinci Code: worth the wait

September 16th, 2006

I don't recall seeing one positive review of The Da Vinci Code. Which is why I didn't insist on seeing it as soon as it got out either. People have been trashing the story left and right, but I have to say I love this movie. The story (for the purpose of a movie anyway) is 'good enough', but beyond that it's such a cool theme, cool effects, lots of French and Latin, not too many obvious revelations. And Sophie, elle est trés sympa ;)


I had this imagine in my head of what the movie would be, and it isn't that at all. I can't quite say what it is that draws me to it, but watching it I felt like I was in a very special atmosphere, thoroughly enjoying the events rather than wanting to pick them apart. What I also found satisfying in the plot was that there literally was noone trustworthy, which makes a lot of sense. The historical references were cool and well placed.

Not forgetting the one very important factor contributing to this wonderful experience - the score. I've already heard it forwards and backwards basically, but to hear it in the movie is greatly satisfying, especially in the culmination point where we are treated to Chevaliers de Sangreal, a masterpiece. :star:

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1 Responses to "Da Vinci Code: worth the wait"

  1. erik says:

    Hmm now I'm tempted to go see it cause I like adventure movies. I remember seeing a tv movie with the same subject (more or less) a while ago though, I did *not* like that... That and the publicity have stopped me from seeing it so far.