la rentrée

September 4th, 2006

Back from vacation, school starting in a couple of days and there's a list of things to do before the kick-off, as usual. To make the menial tasks more fun, I decided to blog it.

  • Buy book for functional programmming course
    • if not available in the store, loan it from the library
    • else order it online
  • pay rent
  • set up tennis with my old tennis partner
  • pick up toiletries from Kruidvat
  • get a hold of that fancy train discount card
  • obtain the internet banking package from my bank so I can check my balance from home
  • reset my school password at the student administration desk
  • coerce the school to give me a certificate of credits earned last semester

I know it sounds glamorous, but it's just business as usual here at Kramerica Industries.

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1 Responses to "la rentrée"

  1. erik says:

    Kruidvat yay, i like to check if they happen to have a coffee maker/vacuum cleaner/random chair/plumbing accessories/cd players or anything else I might need some day in the future :D