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have you re-read those books btw?

December 22nd, 2006

*turns last page*

Oy, that was a serious load. The early estimate was way off, the total number of pages accumulates to 787 in four weeks :/ And slightly half of which I've covered in the last four days. I think that's probably the biggest volume of reading I've undertaken in that space of time.

Reading a master's thesis I thought would be awfully technical, but it turned out to be a ripping good yarn.

Tomorrow there's a test, and then it's off on holiday. :party:

killing trees for fun and profit

November 18th, 2006

As it turns out, the availability of books is not going be a problem at all. After week one of Software Architecture, the assigned reading accumulates to 154 pages. That covers three lectures out of a total of nine, all to be completed in the space of four weeks. I'm not a terribly slow reader, but these kinds of volumes humble me. If one were to adopt a naive linear regression for the complete number of pages to peruse in this period, it would make it 3*154 + the rest of the chapters in the textbook not assigned to any lecture + the inclusion of a master thesis of 118 pages in one of the lectures. It seems ridiculous now that I would actually think about acquiring more reading material to complement this stack.

It makes me wonder what is it like to study something that is both voluminous and consists entirely of reading material. Are the guys in psychology in submarines submerged in an apartment full of books?

la rentrée

September 4th, 2006

Back from vacation, school starting in a couple of days and there's a list of things to do before the kick-off, as usual. To make the menial tasks more fun, I decided to blog it.

  • Buy book for functional programmming course
    • if not available in the store, loan it from the library
    • else order it online
  • pay rent
  • set up tennis with my old tennis partner
  • pick up toiletries from Kruidvat
  • get a hold of that fancy train discount card
  • obtain the internet banking package from my bank so I can check my balance from home
  • reset my school password at the student administration desk
  • coerce the school to give me a certificate of credits earned last semester

I know it sounds glamorous, but it's just business as usual here at Kramerica Industries.

mission accomplished

August 9th, 2005

mission: Main Project
duration: January - June

  • 1 project
  • 444 project hours spent
  • 11 discrete documents
  • a final printable document compilation of 303 pages, consisting of 5569 lines, 28635 words. €300 to print in 4 copies
  • a project website
  • a presentation
  • a conference poster
  • 885 new lines of source code
  • 494 subversion revisions, 154MB repository size, across 11039 files

grade awarded: A

todo list update

June 28th, 2005

+ numerodix redesigned and refactored
+ fixed brakes on bike
+ mailserver bug fixed