December 18th, 2006

Originally posted by Shakespeare:

- Claudius kills Hamlet (sr), becomes King.
- Hamlet (jr) kills Polonius.
- Claudius tries to kill Hamlet, fails.
- Hamlet kills Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
- Ophelia kills herself.
- Claudius poisons Gertrude, the Queen, by accident.
- Laertes and Hamlet poison each other.
- Hamlet kills Claudius, then dies from the poison.

Rated R for violence and strong language.

    The plot is like a Lethal Weapon movie. However, the weapons are different, and there aren't any explosions.

    But I gotta say the play is still enjoyable for the artistic dialog. While the plot is boring and obvious, the small talk entertains your mind, I like that.

    Hamlet: Begger that I am, I am euen poore in thankes;
    but I thanke you: and sure deare friends my thanks
    are too deare a halfepeny; were you not sent for? Is it
    your owne inclining? Is it a free visitation? Come,
    deale iustly with me: come, come; nay speake

    Guildenstern: What should we say my Lord?

    Hamlet: Why any thing. But to the purpose; you were
    sent for; and there is a kinde confession in your lookes;
    which your modesties haue not craft enough to color,
    I know the good King & Queene haue sent for you

    The King sent him to talk to Hamlet. Guildenstern doesn't want to admit it, but doesn't deny it. Hamlet calls his bluff. What a fun way to talk.

    Also, if Shakespeare's editor had done proper fact checking, he would know Poland and Norway have never been at war. Poland and Sweden, indeed.

    Hamlet should be read at leisure, like a Donald Duck comic book. Anyone expecting some grand revelation is in for a big disappointment. In fact, better read Erik's play, which is more intricate.

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    7 Responses to "Hamlet"

    1. erik says:

      You know I was thinking the other day "I don't remember how 'Hamlet' ended..." (read it a looong time ago) and I drew the conclusion I must've forgotten. Now I remember there wasn't anything worth remembering.

      I do remember it felt like some pages were missing...

    2. erik says:

      Oh and thanks for the mention (+ link!). Greatly appreciated, as ever :D

    3. Nawaf says:

      Hamlet sucks.. In fact, Shakespeare sucks as well.. People always going on about how he was a genius, a man before his time, but it's all tripe. Confusing plots (which seem to have been contrived in half an hour), with many holes as there are allusions to some Roman god to make the play appear more sophisticated.. My English teacher once said that Shakespeare was a poet, not a playwrite.. I agree with her; he shouldn't quit the day job.

      /rant :D

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    5. chaka says:

      Lol Hamlet does suck. And shakespeare is an amateur poet given too much credit. What makes him stick out from other people is just that he was the first to write so many plays. That's it booo! Most people can't even interpret the tone of his messages. Was it supposed to be an angry scene a sad scene. These exact unclear plays is what make him a queer. =]

    6. Rebecca says:

      Oh my gosh, you retards. Shakespeare was a literary genius, by no means an 'amateur poet'. The themes of his plays perfectly expressed the contradictions and tragedy of a varietyof human conditions. "What makes him stick out from other people is just that he was the first to write so many plays"; were you dropped on your head as an infant? His plays have lasted centuries. They're still relevant, and profound and entertaining. That's what makes him stand out, you ignorant asshole. And most people can't interpret the tone of his messages? That's because most people are unintelligent and ignorant e.g. yourself. When you study and actually understand Shakespeare, you realise that the man was genius. Unless of course, you find it too difficult to understand, which it seems you do.

    7. Ryan says:

      His plays lasted centuries because he was a playwright during a time when the queen loved plays, and went through great lengths to see his work was recognized and remembered. Shakepeare's plays are good but please its time we give other writers recognition.