extracting pictures from my camera on linux

December 20th, 2006

My camera: a Canon Powershot S1 IS (bought in the summer 2004)

  • Start VMware.
  • Plug in camera.
  • Windows wizard for camera comes up, next next finish etc.
  • Transfer files to VMware host.

Previous attempts at extracting pictures *gasp* without VMware.

  • gphoto2 - error
  • sudo gphoto2 - error
  • su - ; gphoto2
  • digikam - error
  • kdesu digikam - error (used to work until recently)
  • gthumb - error
  • sudo gthumb - error
  • su - ; gthumb - error

How friggin embarrassing is it that the same usb signal passing through the kernel and into VMware can be correctly processed in VMware, but not in linux?

I've searched high and low for a solution, this problem goes back a year. I've gone through various kernels, various versions of different libraries and applications, and the only thing that used to work was digikam in root mode. For some reason that doesn't work anymore.

UPDATE: After some renewed research (been months since last time I gave up on getting this fixed), it looks like the bug has been figured out. Installing gphoto2-2.2.0 (still marked unstable on x86) finally took care of it.

What a load off. And to think Windows helped fix it. :/

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5 Responses to "extracting pictures from my camera on linux"

  1. gregf says:

    That is embarrassing i have to agree. I would suggest spending 20$ on a flash card reader. You can then mount your cameras flash card like a thumb drive and copy the contents off. I have gone one step further in the last few days and created a Perl script that uses Image::Info and renames pictures and stores them in directories via exif information.

  2. numerodix says:

    I could do that, but it shouldn't be necessary to buy another device just to get this working.

  3. Arif Lukito says:

    What error did you get with gphoto2, your camera is supported by gphoto2 in PTP mode.

  4. erik says:

    Yikes, I'd have given up I think...

  5. numerodix says:


    Detected a 'Canon:PowerShot S1 IS (normal mode)'.
    *** Error (-114: 'OS error in camera communication') ***

    My camera is supposedly supported in both normal mode and ptp mode, but none are working. Running the full debug:

    0.139191 gphoto2-port(2): Reading 64=0x40 bytes from port...
    5.149270 canon/usb.c(2): canon_usb_dialogue: read 1 of 0x40 bytes failed! (Error reading from the port)
    5.149300 context(0): lock keys failed.

    *** Error ***
    lock keys failed.
    5.149325 gphoto2-port(2): Closing port...
    *** Error (-114: 'OS error in camera communication') ***

    # gphoto2 --auto-detect
    Model Port
    Canon PowerShot S1 IS (normal mode) usb:
    Canon PowerShot S1 IS (normal mode) usb:005,002