August 26th, 2005

They're just a huge waste of paper, aren't they? When I get a letter, the first thing I do is open it and trash the envelope, then I start on the letter. Or rather, I put it in the paper recycling stack. Only a lot of them have that plastic window so you're really supposed to tear that off and put the plastic in the plastic container and not mix it with paper, but who the hell would do that on a regular basis? Point made.

Just think about how much less paper we would be throwing away if there were no envelopes.. I'm not saying it's necessarily practical though..

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5 Responses to "envelopes"

  1. Erik says:

    The worst part about envelopes is that you can only buy them per 100 or summat. I only send letters, like, once every six months so the rest of the year I'm stuck with 98 useless envelopes. Where am I gonna put them? In the "useless junk" bin that every household needs because of crap like this... :(

  2. numerodix says:

    Ah yes, that is a dilemma in its own right. Good thing they're free at work.. :P

  3. Erik says:

    'Work'... where have I heard that word before...

  4. Erik says:

    oh hey I got a letter to mail - send me one of them free envelopes will yer? :D

  5. numerodix says:

    No problem, I'll enclose one the next time I have something to mail you :D